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FAS Russia Deputy Head Andrey Tsyganov spoke about the activities of the antimonopoly service during the COVID-19 crisis and discussed the development of competition with experts and representatives of Russian companies
The Competition Commission of South Africa has announced that it welcomes the decision of the Competition Tribunal that confirms the settlement agreement between the Commission and Cape Town-based company - Caprichem.
The Administrative Council for Economic Defense has published a brief information note in which it deals with the collaboration between companies in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. The document provides guidance on the parameters recommended in the elaboration of strategies to combat the pandemic and on the procedures available for economic agents to obtain CADE's statement.
The issues of price regulation for vital medicines remains a heated issue for all participants in the healthcare system especially when it comes to the mechanisms that are necessary to ensure the presence of drugs on the pharmaceutical market.
Recent amendments to the law provide for the submission of complaints on public procurement exclusively through the UIS, it is also planned to transfer the entire complaint correspondence to the system.
The German Federal Supreme Court confirmed that Facebook must comply with the German antitrust authority's decision on collecting user data. According to the source, the court's position sets a precedent for other similar rulings.
The Administrative Council for Economic Defense approved the acquisition by Athena Saúde Espírito Santo of the control of companies belonging to the São Bernardo Group, on the 17th of June. The operation received the endorsement of the municipality by signing a Concentration Control Agreement (ACC).
The European Commission plans to formally charge Amazon with a monopoly over the attitude of the American online giant to sellers on its platform. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the situation. According to one of them, this can happen next week or at the end of June.
The European Commission has launched antitrust investigations into the operation of the App Store and Apple Pay, according to EC reports.
The Administrative Council for Economic Defense has all its efforts aimed at providing agile and efficient responses to the market and society in the face of the new coronavirus crisis. In this context, the figures related to the operations that were evaluated by the Council in 2020 show that there was no reduction in the productivity of the municipality, especially in the analysis of merger acts during the pandemic.
On June 8 Ashok Kumar Gupta has announced that India's competition commission is conducting studies on the telecom sector as well as merger and acquisition in the digital market.
Cade's investigation began in October 2018, based on representation from the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (DPDC / MJSP). The agency presented documents pointing to indications that CFM and Cremesp were threatening doctors and clinics that accept the card, opening investigations and ethical-disciplinary proceedings against them to apply sanctions.
India competition commission is once again turning their eyes to Google. According to Reuters publication, Indian competition commission has received a signal that Google is abusing its market position.
FAS Russia has announced in its publication that on the heads of the international divisions of the antitrust authorities of the BRICS countries had a meeting on 27th of May. It was held in the form of a video conference. FAS Russia was represented by the head of International Economic Cooperation Department Lesya Davydova.
According to the CADE website, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense decided to authorize the collaboration between a group of competing companies as a measure to minimize the effects of the crisis caused by the COVID-19.
According to the Wall Street Journal publication, The U.S. Justice Department and Attorney Generals of several US states may charge Google with antitrust laws in the coming months.
A basic condition for enterprises to resume production smoothly is to maintain a market condition that fair competition is guaranteed. The Antimonopoly Bureau of SAMR has actively performed its duties, and made every effort to maintain a fair market environment, to provide strong support for the resumption of work.
Quite a significant part of the online session's discussion on April 30 revolved around the topic of BigPharma. Participants have raised many important points regarding the activities of the BigPharma in the market; current and potential regulations that should be applied; as well as the change in the situation in the pharmaceutical markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We proceed with the details of the online  session on antitrust measures and approaches in the pandemic era from April 30.
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