BRICS Pre-conference Academic Workshop

BRICS Pre-conference Academic Workshop


Monday the 16th of the September started with a meeting between the academics and policy makers in the field of regulation in the digital markets. All five panels were dedicated to the extensive critical issues in this new and quickly developing sector. Representatives from BRICS and partners from other countries have gathered to discuss such topics as: next generation competition and the new paradigm of competition in the digital age; the new power of platforms and the implications for merger control; legal and economic aspects of algorithmic collusion; policy responses in the global perspective; and the future of digital competition.

One of the key forms of cooperation for the BRICS in the sphere of competition policy making is the organization of joint research on socially significant markets and the development of measures to maintain and develop competition in them. The panel discussion organised by the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre provided a great opportunity to assess the progress in cooperation and research. In particular the day was dedicated to the issues of antitrust regulation in digital markets in general and the latest experience of the BRICS countries in particular, as well as an analysis of the leading modern theories in the field of antitrust law in relation to the economic realities of the BRICS space. A lot of the academics presenting at the panels directly participated in the study prepared by the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre during the last year. The discussion hugely benefited from the multidisciplinary team comprised of the leading world scientists in the area of competition policies in the digital markets. In fact the participants were so exited and inspired by the debate and the topics that the panel discussion ran longer than planned in order to accommodate enough time for all of the questions, comments and general discussion.

The first day of the VI BRICS Conference was full of fruitful discussion of a variety of topics. During the panels, participants managed to discuss all of the vital topics in the sphere of the competition in the digital sphere. Amongst those points discussed were big data, algorithms, collusion, mergers, big tech, platforms, development of taxi markets in digital age, problems of jurisdictions, approaches to global regulations and many others.

A busy day of rigorous academic discussion was closed with a speech by the co-author of a soon-to-be-published digital report Ioannis Lianos, followed by the dinner organised by the BRICS Competitiopn Centre, where the informal discussion continued.

We are looking forward to the next three days of the conference, with the hopes of seeing even more conducive exchange between the academics, businesses and policy makers from BRICS countries.