CADE holds first videoconference trial session


The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) in its press release has confirmed that CADE held this the first virtual judgment session of the municipality on Wednesday the 15th of April. The online plenary meeting is part of the preventive actions adopted during the crisis of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The virtual format of the session was possible after a change in CADE's Internal Regulations to regulate the modality.

At the beginning of the session, the President of the Council, Alexandre Barreto, spoke about the importance of keeping the municipality in full operation during the pandemic while preserving the health of the community that participates in the sessions.
At the trial, three administrative proceedings were considered, four requests for an Agreement of Termination of Conduct agreement, a declaration embargo on voluntary appeal and a request for review on voluntary appeal. During the virtual session, two lawyers filed an order and were able to speak.

At the end of almost three hours of the session, the President highlighted the efficiency of the online meeting. "I want to once again thank everyone, congratulate all CADE employees who allowed this session to be held in virtual mode. It went smoothly, cordially, efficiently. I can affirm that there was no prejudice to the appreciation of the facts that were included in the agenda", said Barreto.

The President also stressed the effectiveness of the participation of lawyers who spoke during the trial. "The technological solution that was indicated by CADE proved to be effective, fulfilling the principles that we had established when we decided to hold the session in a virtual way, which is to allow the regular functioning of this Council, while maintaining the guiding principles of the judgment sessions, of transparency, advertising, wide participation of all interested parties", he concluded.