CADE opens the secure room and reinforces data and information protection


In order to offer even more security and protection to data, information and documents that are being processed by the municipality, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense opened the safe room for Information and Communication Technology on the 10th of November.

The new environment was planned and designed to house the entire technological infrastructure of CADE and had several subsystems for protection against fire, water and gases. In the safe room, equipment and information are protected from incidents such as fires, dust, infiltrations, temperature changes, power outages and a drop in the communication link.

In addition to protecting data and systems, the secure room will house the material collected in search and seizure operations carried out by CADE, thereby increasing controls for maintaining the chain of custody of seized objects and goods.

The new space also brings other benefits to CADE and to society, such as expanding the availability of public services offered by the municipality, complying with legislation and best information and communication security practices, and increasing the security of heritage assets.

"This important delivery is part of the scope of the 'Padlock' project, which aims to improve the institutional security of the municipality. With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law, this project gained even more importance for the safety of information and communication at CADE", said the information technology coordinator of the municipality, Vinicius Eloy.