China has the potential to become be an example of digital platform antitrust regulation


In his interview, he stated that China could show the world an example of antitrust regulation of digital platforms - "If China develops effective, innovative approaches to the antitrust regulation of digital platforms, then the whole world will follow the developments very closely and, possibly, learn from our Chinese colleagues," he said, commenting on the increasing struggle of the PRC authorities against monopolistic behaviour and unfair competition of the internet giants.

According to Alexey Ivanov, the search for optimal models for regulating the digital economy is taking place worldwide. "We understand how important the challenges of concentrating market power in the digital economy are, how serious the problem of human vulnerability to digital giants and the growing imbalance between the power of digital platforms and human capabilities to realize their economic potential is," he said. The expert added that the search for the optimal answer to these existential challenges of the digital economy is one of the most profound questions facing different countries' governments.

The Director of the BRICS Competition Center, in particular, emphasized that the antitrust investigation by the State Administration for Market Regulation against the Alibaba Group is essential not only because the decision is made in relation to a digital company, but also because it shows "a change in the course of the Chinese government in regarding the regulation of the digital economy and the market as a whole. "

"This change, of course, if it is sustainable, and China continues along this path, will show the whole world a new model of organizing the digital economy, similar to how China has already shown a special model of accelerated industrialization of the economy," Ivanov is sure.

The expert hopes that the PRC authorities' activities will become a source for forming a new antimonopoly policy both in the country and internationally. "We hope that this will take place in an inclusive format of cooperation with other antimonopoly agencies. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of interaction between the BRICS countries in the antimonopoly sphere," he concluded.