Economic Studies Department study estimates the benefits of CADE's performance in defence of competition.

On the 30th of December 2020, Economic Studies Department of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense released the working document titled - "Measuring the expected benefits of CADE's performance in 2019".

The study has been carried out by the municipality since 2018 and follows the trend of antitrust authorities worldwide to measure the impacts of their actions and policies in defence of competition.
The Economic Studies Department's analysis followed the methodology proposed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which seeks to gauge the expected benefits of policies based on the amount that would be spent by consumers if the measures had not been exercised.

According to the working document, CADE's activities resulting from the trial of cartel cases, unilateral conduct and merger acts in 2019 resulted in benefits totalling R $ 36 billion. The value represents approximately 0.49% of the Brazilian GDP in that year. In the previous year, the estimated amount was R $ 20.5 billion, which shows a significant growth in the impact of the antitrust body's actions.

Finally, the document highlights that the estimated benefits could be even greater. "It is important to note that the present study does not include the impact of certain actions promoted by the Council, such as educational activities and the promotion of the culture of free competition, in addition to not incorporating the dynamic effects of decisions or the effects of deterrence", points out the document.