EU antitrust authorities are considering tightening their policies on IT corporations


This was stated by a senior representative of the European Commission. Such a decision will inevitably affect the largest IT companies - Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. Four US companies are currently under the scrutiny of EU regulatory structures, and competitors complain that they lack access to the IT market due to the monopoly established there. Traditionally, corporations were ordered to stop anticompetitive practices, but most often, it didn't reach concrete measures. "This may not be enough, especially in digital markets. Therefore, in particular, in fast-growing markets, we can develop more rigorous methods and fully restore the conditions for effective competition," said Cecilio Madero Villareggio, Acting General Director of the EU Competition Commission. Recall that Google has already been fined more than 8 billion euros.

At the moment, The European Commission is studying the methods of collecting and monetizing data used by Facebook. Antitrust authorities sent a list of relevant issues to Facebook. A similar questionnaire was recently sent to Google. They study how the company collects and monetizes data, including information about users, according to Reuters. Over the past two years, the European Commission has fined Google more than $ 8 billion for violating antitrust laws.

Leading technology companies manage vast amounts of data, and antitrust authorities are trying to figure out how they can use them to fight competitors and expand their activities. The Facebook list of questions focuses on the software interface, which allows application developers to access Facebook data and features, as well as Instagram's photo-sharing site. The commission is interested in the details of agreements on access to the interface and damage to companies for which such access is not provided. In particular, we are talking about restrictions or terms of use of data that companies provide Facebook for permission to use the interface, as well as whether Facebook restricts access to the interface and for what reasons. Besides, the commission is interested in in the ways companies are using data for marketing and advertising purposes.