FAS obliged Yandex to stop discriminating against competitors

The FAS Russia received allegations of violation of the antimonopoly legislation by Yandex LLC. The company's actions in the Internet search market contain signs of abuse of dominance.

Yandex LLC provides services of the Yandex group with preferential opportunities for promoting (attracting users' attention) services in the Yandex search engine, which leads to the creation of discriminatory conditions for activity in adjacent markets.
FAS Russia issued a warning to Yandex to eliminate violations. The organization must provide equal conditions for the demonstration of services on the search engine pages, including for market participants - competitors of the Yandex group.
The company must stop giving priority to its services in search results.

Yandex must fully disclose to all companies its mechanism for promoting links and attracting users' attention, including with the help of "sorcerers". Third-party companies should be given the opportunity to use such instruments.
Search results must be formed according to uniform ranking rules, "on equal terms, preventing the preferential demonstration of services included in Yandex LLC.

All these requirements must be met within a month. During this period, Yandex must inform the FAS about the progress of their implementation every ten days. If the company does not act in accordance with the warning, a case can be brought against it.
According to RBC news, representatives from Yandex said that they disagree with the FAS warning. "Some of the prescription requirements have already been implemented in the search engine, but we consider some important parts of it to be incorrect. Fulfilment of all of the above requirements will worsen the quality of search for the user, which means the position of Yandex's search in the market compared to its competitors," the company believes.