FAS Russia in TOP-10


The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia for the first time entered the top ten best antitrust organizations in the world, said department head Igor Artemyev at the congress of the Yabloko party. 

This year FAS has joined another BRICS competition authority in the ratings. The Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE) has been previously awarded sixth consecutive time, with four stars by the annual ranking hosted by the British magazine Global Competition Review (GCR), specialized in competition policy and regulation. 

According to TASS, Igor Artemyev further added - "We are an unusual antitrust authority, we are the largest law enforcement antitrust authority in the world ... Not a single other Russian executive authority holds such a high position in worldwide ratings". FAS Russia had a busy year. It introduced the fifth antitrust package to the government, which included amendments to the competition law and the Code of Administrative Offenses, organized multiple meetings and gatherings of the policymakers, practitioners and researchers in the antitrust field, including the VI BRICS competition conference. Furthermore, this year FAS has also won the all-Russian competition "best human resources and initiatives in the system of state and municipal governance.

This is another crucial step for BRICS competition authorities, showing the whole world the importance of the discussion, research and work carried out in the markets of BRICS Countries.