FAS Russia launched an antitrust investigation against Apple

FAS Russia launched an antitrust investigation against Apple


Russian officials started investigating the technological giant - Apple for restricting and removing several apps from its App Store. FAS Russia launched an antitrust investigation against Apple following a statement from Kaspersky Lab. The hearing is scheduled for 13 September 2019, according to regulator's website.

In early 2019, Apple removed several parental control apps from the App Store, explaining its decision with concerns about the privacy of user data. The company said that the remote applications used Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology - it gives third-party users access to the device's location, camera and other data and violates the App Store policy.

Russian company believes that Apple unreasonably forced it to cut its Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK) parental controls application set. As a result, the next version of KSK lost a significant part of the functionality. It is important to note that Apple devices have a similar Screen Time function. The FAS believes that the company abuses its dominant position in the market to reject software versions of other developers. According to the regulator, the same complaints have already been submitted to the European Commission by the Ukrainian developer Kidslox and the Spanish Qustodio. In July, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple-branded applications are the first to appear on the App Store, even if they are less popular and useful compared to other companies, and this happens in 60% of cases.

The FAS examined the situation and found that Apple's actions to apply vague software requirements to developers and to reject software versions previously distributed in the App Store contain signs of abuse of the company's dominant position in the iOS application distribution market. This investigation is yet another sign of increasing worldwide scrutiny of BigTech.