Google Case Follow up


Earlier in September, we reported about the antitrust investigation launched in the United States regarding Google's marketing activity. Now, according to CNBC, following the initial study and research, prosecutors will send a request to the corporation to provide relevant documents about the business related to the search engine and Android.

The digital market and ist regulation have become a 'hot topic' in the sphere of antitrust regulation in the past few years.

Most of the "digital giants", such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and others that exist on the market today were created through mergers, which antitrust authorities did not observe properly or prevent due to the novice of the market and lack of proper regulations. Another feature of digital markets is limited public awareness. Very few people understand the source of the "digital giants" profits and the use of technology in the new markets. The "BigTech", on the other hand, is very much aware of it and is willing to utilize the unawareness of the consumers. As a result, the consolidation of startups by large players and the unawareness of consumers can lead to a strengthening of the market power of the "digital giants".

Competition authorities around the world are struggling to limit the growing market power of digital platforms. While in the USA they talk about the need to split Facebook into several companies, and the European Commission writes out billions of dollars in fines to Google, the BRICS countries are developing their own practice of protecting competition in digital markets.