Google investigation


According to the Wall Street Journal publication, The U.S. Justice Department and Attorney Generals of several US states may charge Google with antitrust laws in the coming months.

WSJ's sources suggest that the lawsuit by the US Department of Justice will be brought forth in the summer. It is also likely that prosecutors will follow the initial lawsuit in several states, led by Texas. The ministry has claimed that Google's unfair advantage in the advertising business, prosecutors believe the company has excessively large control in this area. Whether they will prepare a lawsuit together is not specified. Checks against Google were confirmed by US Secretary of Justice William Barr in March. 

A substantial part of the investigation has focused on Google's online advertising business. The company sustains its monopoly and dominance on the market by owning dominant tools at every link between online publishers and advertisers. The investigation has also looked more broadly at concerns regarding Google's use of its dominant position in search business to stifle competition -according to the supporters of the lawsuit; Google provides its own information kits according to the search requests of users in a special window that stands out from the rest of the search results. Such a favourable positioning and display allows Google to receive more attention from users and clicks than to any other competing service, even if it provides more relevant information on a search query.

Note that in February, 34 companies filed a complaint with the European Commission on Google, accusing the American corporation of unfair promotion of their own products. The European regulator has fined Google several times for violating antitrust laws totalling € 8.2 billion.