Google makes custom collections more visible in overall search results


The Indian Competition Commission (CCI) fined Google's US corporation Rs 1.36 billion ($ 21 million) for abuse of dominance in the general online search and advertising services segment. "It is recognized that Google used the practice of search distortion, which harms both the company's competitors and users," Prime quotes an excerpt from the regulator's message.

CCI recorded that a Google search engine in India ranked queries in such a way as to increase the attendance of its services - in particular, Google Flight. Their statement said that Google provides its own information kits for requests of users in a specific window that stands out from the rest of the search results. This allows Google to receive more user attention and clicks than any other competing service, even if it provides more relevant search query information.

Google has been at the centre of attention of several competition agencies worldwide. For example, the European Union (EU) antitrust regulators fined Google € 2.42 billion last year for misusing Android's dominant market position. This abuse was that Google provided an advantage in the search results for its own Google Shopping product to the detriment of other product aggregators.