Google under competition commission's watch in India again


India competition commission is once again turning their eyes to Google. According to Reuters publication, Indian competition commission has received a signal that Google is abusing its market position.

The Indian regulator is examining the allegation that the Internet giant is abusing market dominance to promote its mobile payment application unfairly. 

The complaint was filed in February. The Indian Competition Commission (CCI) kept the applicant's identity secret. The complaint alleges that Google is more visibly showing off its Google Pay app in the Android app store in India, giving it an unfair advantage over competitor apps. According to the applicant, this is detrimental to consumers.
Now the complaint is being considered by senior members of the commission. If everything goes according to the usual scenario, Google will be given the opportunity to state its position, after which the commission will decide on further actions.

This is Google's third major antitrust issue in India. In 2018, CCI fined Google $ 21 million for "search bias," and last year an investigation was launched into Google allegedly abusing its dominant position to reduce the ability of smartphone manufacturers to choose alternative versions of the Android mobile operating system.

The Google Pay application allows for interbank transfers of funds and payment of bills. In the Indian digital payment market, it competes with apps such as Softbank Paytm and Walmart PhonePe. The number of active Google Pay users in India is growing rapidly. The amount of payments for the year is estimated at 110 billion dollars.