Google violated the advertisement law of the Russian Federation

The search engine website advertised the investment services of Rypex trading limited, which does not have a license for financial activities.

The FAS Russia Commission found Google LLC guilty of violating the Advertising Law.

In August 2020, an advertisement for the investment services of Rypex trading limited was posted on However, the organization does not have permission to carry out financial activities.

The Federal Law "On Advertising" prohibits advertising goods that had not received a special license or permit, when such as required by law: -"To place advertisements about the financial activities of an organization legally, it must have permission to conduct such activities," explains Tatyana Nikitina, Head of the Department for Control of Advertising and Unfair Competition of the FAS Russia. - Otherwise, such advertising will be deemed inappropriate, and its distribution must be stopped. We have already issued a corresponding order to Google LLC and initiated an administrative case: the organization faces a fine from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. "

Prior to that, the antitrust authority fined Google and Yandex for advertising dietary supplements. The advertisement consisted of a hyperlink by which one could go to the drug page. But it turned out that it included Kava pepper, which belongs to the category of potent substances and is prohibited from distribution and production in Russia. Companies were then also ordered to remove advertising under the threat of a fine.