Labour unions’ petition to FTC


Recently The New York Times has reported that a petition signed by multiple labour unions, including one of the largest - the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, was submitted to the Federal Trade Commission. The petition was filed in order to push for the investigation of Amazon's anticompetitive behaviour and to study Amazon's impact on the economy overall.

The coalition of labour unions suggests that the e-Commerce giant might have an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Overall, the unions, which have signed the petition, represent over 5 million American workers, through its members.

According to the director of the federation of Labour Unions 'Change to Win', Michael Zucker has commented on the issue with the following words: - "We wanted to demonstrate that there is a real desire to see them take this on", he further said that the petition is going to be "only the first step".

In cases like this, Amazon likes to point to the fact that the company is a significant creator and provider of local jobs, having created the opportunities for over 500,000 people of all skills and education levels. In an Op-ed published by The New York Times, the head of Communications and Policy team of Amazon, Joe Carney has said that: -"Because Amazon is a large company with hundreds of thousands of employees, as well as contractual relationships with hundreds of thousands of other businesses of all sizes, what we do can generate positive ripple effects across the country".

Amazon has been at the centre of attention of multiple competition commissions worldwide. It is yet unclear, whether FTC is going to initiate a thorough investigation after receiving this petition.