Meeting of BRICS competition authorities


FAS Russia has announced in its publication that on the heads of the international divisions of the antitrust authorities of the BRICS countries had a meeting on 27th of May. It was held in the form of a video conference. FAS Russia was represented by the head of International Economic Cooperation Department Lesya Davydova.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the impact of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 on the markets of the BRICS countries, as well as measures, are taken by antitrust regulators to maintain a healthy competitive environment in the markets affected by the pandemic. "At a meeting, FAS Russia took the initiative to prepare a Joint Statement by the heads of the BRICS antitrust authorities on cooperation in a pandemic. The competition authorities of the association supported the initiative, " - said Lesya Davydova, according to the official publication.

A separate issue on the agenda of the meeting was the discussion of the FAS Russia initiative to hold a meeting of the heads of the BRICS antitrust authorities in late June - early July in a video conference format.

The parties discussed in detail the draft agenda of the upcoming high-level meeting, in which they agreed to introduce key issues of the five-way cooperation. In particular, at the suggestion of the FAS Russia, it was decided to put on the agenda issues of extending the term of the Memorandum between the BRICS competition authorities on mutual understanding in the field of cooperation in the field of competition law and policy, as well as the adoption within the BRICS Model Recommendations on the use of wavers in the harmonization of global transactions of economic concentration. Besides, the agenda included the approval of the Action Plan of the BRICS Competition Centre as well as the development of a joint position of the BRICS competition authorities on issues discussed at international sites such as UNCTAD and OECD.

This is an essential step for the cooperation between the BRICS countries in the field of antitrust law, which is especially crucial in today's challenging conditions.