Round table on the topic of "Antimonopoly regulation for the digital economy in the interests of the BRICS countries."

On May 15, 2019 (15: 45-20: 00) a round table meeting on the topic of "Antimonopoly regulation for the digital economy in the interests of the BRICS countries" will be held in St. Petersburg. Participants are planning to discuss the interim stage of the preparation of the report on "Antimonopoly Regulation in the Digital Economy", which will be presented in September 2019 as part of the BRICS International Competition Conference.

The seminar will be attended by State Secretary-Deputy Head of the FAS Russia Andrey Tsarikovskiy. Participants from academic circle include the Director of the Institute of Law and Development of the Higher School of Economics-Skolkovo, as well as Director of the BRICS Anti-Monopoly Center Alexey Ivanov; the Dean of the Law Faculty of SPSU Sergey Belov; and the Professor of University College London, Chief Researcher of the BRICS Antimonopoly Center Janis Lianos. The event will be held with the support of the BRICS Antimonopoly Center, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg State University.

The BRICS Anti-Monopoly Center was established in the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development in July 2018 to conduct applied research in partnership with the antimonopoly authorities of the BRICS countries and leading world universities. The mission of the Center is to promote closer coordination of the activities of antitrust authorities and scientific communities of the BRICS countries in developing new approaches to the antitrust regulation of the global economy.

Over the past six months, with the support of the Center, the activity of the BRICS working group on researching competition in the pharmaceutical market has been intensified, and a great deal of work has been launched and carried out in the sphere of digital markets.

The Center employs an International Expert Council composed of eminent scientists: Nobel Prize Winner in Economics from Columbia University Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig, Professor from the New York University Law School Eleonora Fox, President of the Competition Appeal Board of South Africa, Professor Dennis Davis, Professor at the University of Delhi Aditya Bhattacharya, Professor from School of Business at New York University Nicolas Economides, and many others. The Scientific Council of the Center also includes some of the leading universities in the BRICS countries, such as Cape Town and Johannesburg universities from South Africa, FGV and Insper from Brazil, Shanghai and Beijing universities from China, Delhi and Bangalore universities from India.

Currently, the Center is focused on preparing a comprehensive report on the antitrust regulation of digital markets, which should define new approaches by the BRICS countries' antimonopoly authorities to work with the global markets of the digital economy.