The development of the Centre was discussed at a meeting in China

The development of the Centre was discussed at a meeting in China

On March 20, 2019, an official meeting of the FAS Russia delegation with the Deputy Minister of the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation, Ms Gan Lin, was held in Beijing (China).

The event was attended by the Director of the BRICS Center Alexey Ivanov. He told the audience about the key tasks of the Center, as well as the cooperation established between the academic communities of the BRICS countries - “We have developed close partnerships with scientists from the BRICS countries and are discussing possible new approaches to the antitrust regulation of the digital economy.”

As part of its research activities, the BRICS Center analyses global problems, drawing on the experience of different countries, taking into account their specific characteristics and needs. BRICS Competition Law and Policy Research Centre has developed close partnerships with scientists from the BRICS countries, which has facilitated cooperation and joint discussions. For example,  on April 17-18, round table discussions will be held in Beijing with the participation of the Universities of Shanghai and Beijing, where the questions formulated in the report will be discussed in the context of the specifics of the Chinese markets. The results of this discussion will be implemented in the report that will be presented at a conference in Moscow next September. Similar debates involving academia and business were also held at the end of February in Dehli, India and the next one is due to be held closer to summer in Brazil.

The deputy head of the FAS Russia, Andrey Tsyganov, expressed the hope that China’s competition authority will actively share its experience in antitrust law enforcement, both in the area of investigating anti-competitive agreements and unfair practices, as well as analysing markets, coordinating economic concentration and monitoring monopolies.

Alexey Ivanov further noted that the work carried out by the BRICS Center has both scientific and practical importance not only for BRICS countries but globally. Alexei Ivanov stressed the significance of world-renowned scientists joining the BRICS centre to work together. For example, Economics Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz has agreed to lead the International Expert Council of the BRICS Center, with the co-chair being Eleonora Fox, a professor from New York University and the co-director of the Center - professor from University College London - Ioannis Lianos.

The BRICS Competition Law and Policy Research Centre was named as one of the most important joint initiatives. Its creation was a logical continuation of cooperation established within the framework of Russia's chairmanship of the BRICS. In 2015 a working group on antitrust regulation in the field of agriculture was created. The expertise of the group was presented in 2018 at a summit in Brazil and was taken into account by regulators in the formation of new antimonopoly rules.