Within the VI BRICS Competition Conference, the BRICS Working Groups for the research of competition issues in socially significant markets will hold its traditional meetings


The first day of the VI BRICS Competition Conference will be devoted to the discussion of topical issues of competition in socially significant markets of the BRICS countries. 

Thus, on September 17, the meetings of the BRICS Working Groups or the research of competition issues in the food, automobile, digital and pharmaceutical markets will be held throughout the day.

The meeting of the Working Group on food value chains will be devoted to discussing the new challenges faced by the competition authorities while ensuring fair competition in the food market. Participants will share their experience in conducting investigations and reviewing M&As in this market, jointly identify important issues for further discussion and develop a concept for the future activities of the Working Group.

The participants of the meeting of the BRICS Working Group in digital markets will focus on discussing the results of the preparation by the BRICS Competition Centre of a report on the digital economy, the development of which began last year. In addition, the delegates will consider the issues of adapting competition laws to digital changes and present a brief overview of recent antitrust violations related to the development of digital economy.

Within the meeting of the BRICS Working Group in automobile markets, the participants will present the main results of a study conducted by the Competition Commission of India, the main coordinator of the Working Group, together with all BRICS Competition Authorities, aimed at identifying the key competition issues in the automobile markets of the BRICS countries. What is important, the participants will also discuss various methods and ways to solve the identified problems.

A series of sessions on competition in the socially important markets of BRICS will be completed by a meeting of the BRICS Working Group in pharmaceutical markets. Within the meeting of the BRICS Working Group in pharmaceutical markets, the participants will discuss issues of fair pricing in the medicines circulation markets, in particular the relationship between the volume of generic production and the price level. The speakers will pay particular attention to discussing the issue of finding a balance between antitrust regulation and compulsory licensing of intellectual property rights in the BRICS pharmaceutical markets.

*The idea of creating BRICS Working groups t is reflected in Article 4.1. Memorandum of Understanding in the field of cooperation in the field of competition law and policy of the BRICS countries.

The activity of each Working Group is a separate project, within the framework of the implementation of which specific goals are set, the stages of their achievement are determined.

The meetings of the Working Groups attract representatives of the international competition community. Thus, in the meetings not only experts from the BRICS countries, but also representatives of other integration associations, foreign competition authorities and international organizations, eminent scientists, leading lawyers and economists traditionally participate.

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