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The digital economy is a full-fledged and rapidly developing industry that has penetrated all spheres of life. The development of digital technology promotes innovation and underpins economic growth in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the reality of the new digital age is that governments need to keep pace with technology in order to ensure equal rules for all market participants and protect the population from any negative externalities of technological developments.

Negative effects of digitalization affect competition. The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought to the world new business models, as well as the latest information technologies to improve its competitiveness, such as artificial intelligence, the latest software, anti-competitive agreements concluded by robots without human presence, self-learning machines - all this requires close monitoring by antitrust regulators.

The research project aims to exchange of information on the experience of the BRICS countries in suppressing anticompetitive practices in the digital economy: combating cartels of a new type, through examination and discussion of cases; consideration of transactions of economic concentration in the digital age; development of new mechanisms to combat anti-competitive practices, adapted to digital reality. 

Key documents

BRICS Working Groups

Description of BRICS working groups for the research of competition issues in socially important markets

BRICS Cooperation in Competition Sphere

Main keynotes about BRICS competition cooperation from Alexey Ivanov

BRICS Report on Digital Era Competition

Draft BRICS academic report on Digital Era Competition Law: A BRICS Perspective. The report engages with one of the most crucial questions of our time, the public governance of the digital economy, in particular focusing on the new forms of competitive interaction in the era of digital capitalism.


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On July 31 - August 1, Director of the HSE-Skolkovo Institute Alexey Ivanov took part in an international conference organised by the Department of Economic Research of the Administrative Council for the Protection of Competition of Brazil (CADE) titled 'Designing Antitrust for the Digital Era Conference'.
The 4th Annual International Conference “Antimonopoly Policy: Science, Practice, Education” will take place on December 6-7, 2018.
On September 26, as part of the Competition Week, a meeting of experts of the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre was held.
Within the Russian Competition Week held on September 24-27 in Sochi took place the session of the BRICS coordination committee on Antimonopoly policy. It has covered many issues, focusing on four overreaching topics.
Institute Director gives an expert’s opinion on the RBC report on the regulation of e-commerce and the adoption of the Fifth Antimonopoly Package.