Food Project

July 2015

Presentation at the UNCTAD platform, Geneva, Switzerland

November 2015

4th BRICS Competition Conference, presentation of the research project to the BRICS authorities, Durban, South Africa

November 2015

Workshop "Competition Law and Policy in the Food Value Chain: Is there a Call for a BRICS Competition Law Paradigm?», University of Cape Town, South Africa

May 2016

International workshop on 'The Global Food Chain: Prospects for Development of Competition Law and Policy‘, HSE-University, St. Petersburg

May 2016

St. Petersburg Legal Forum, a series of intense policy discussions

September 2016

The intermediate findings of the study presented in Moscow at the joint BRICS WG + Centre’s researchers, Competition Week, Moscow

May 2017

St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, sessions on the most pressing problems of antitrust regulation, more than twenty world class experts from Europe, the United States, and the other BRICS countries came to Russia + first draft presentation

November 2017

Presentation of the final version of the report, 5th BRICS Competition Conference, Brasilia, Brazil

March 2018

17th annual International Competition Network (ICN), presentation of the project spin-off, roundtable "Discussion of global dealings of market concentration in the agri-industrial complex“

Digital transformation

December 2017

Launch of the project, International Competition Conference at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

December 2017

Big Data and Competition conference at the University of Sun Yatsen, China

March 2018

Workshop on Digital Antitrust at the St. Petersburg State University

May 2018

St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, discussions on digital economy, featuring international academia + BRICS authorities

May 2018

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, panel session on digital antitrust

November 2018

Seminar “Antitrust Law and Policy in Digital Markets: BRICS Focus”, UCL, London

April 2019

Workshop on digital antitrust at the Peking University, Beijing, China

March 2019

Seminar at CUTS International and the Conference on Economics of Competition Law, New Delhi, India

March 2019

Discussion at the meeting of Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service and China’s State Administration for Market Regulation

July 2019

Brazil-focused research workshop on Antitrust and Development in the Digital Economy, Insper University, Sau Paolo

August 2019

Designing Antitrust for the Digital Era Conference, organized by the CADE, Brazilia, Brazil

September 2019

Presentation of version 1.0 of the report "Digital Era Competition: BRICS View" at the VI BRICS Competition Conference in Moscow