Academic Workshop On "Fragmentation and Digital Ecosystems"

 Academic Workshop On

On October 7, the International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre together with the ASCOLA Eurasia Chapter will hold an academic workshop on "Fragmentation and Digital Ecosystems: How the Reverse Globalization Affects Competition and Development of Digital Markets" at KIMEP University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Members of the Eurasian academic community are very welcome to attend and participate in the discussion. Streaming via Zoom will be provided. 

For questions regarding registration and participation, please contact Lyubov Korotetskaya: or Daria Kotova:

Trade wars, the pandemic, armed conflicts, the energy and the climate crises have exacerbated a tendency towards reversing globalization. Global value chains, digital infrastructures and ecosystems are adapting to trends towards protectionism and localization of services.

In response, governments have become more active than ever in defying their national interests and shaping internal markets, but their actions tend to differ. At the same time, growth of the global digital economy continues steadily as a few digital giants conquer more markets.

This workshop will discuss regulation in digital markets and its effects on competition in times of fragmentation and turbulence. It will bring experts from the world over together, to share their perspectives and find patterns in a complex and localized, global, digital infrastructure. 


  • Dr Claudio Lombardi, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Aberdeen/ Director, Eurasian Center for Law, Innovation and Development, KIMEP


  • Marat Omarov, Chairman of the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Alexey Ivanov, Director, International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre;
  • Asadulla Kayumov, First Deputy Chairman, Antimonopoly Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Elena Rovenskaya, Program Director, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA);
  • Ujjwal Kumar, Associate Director, CUTS International;
  • Marek Martyniszyn, Professor, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast;
  • Ettore Lombardi, Professor, School of Law, University of Florence.

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