How National Price Indicators Can Help Protect Competitiveness

How National Price Indicators Can Help Protect Competitiveness

On June 16, Director of the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre Alexey Ivanov spoke at the session of the FAS Russia on the topic "How National Price Indicators Can Help Protect Competitiveness", which was held as part of the XXVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The creation of a national system of price indicators under present-day conditions is one of the key objectives aimed at ensuring economic growth and overcoming the barriers that hinder the development of the Russian economy. The formation and development of national indicators is designed to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers of price information, increase pricing transparency in commodity markets and provide high-quality information and analytical support both to market players and to consumers.

Within the framework of the session, it was proposed to discuss the importance of formation of a system of national price indicators, as well as the role and significance of the development of exchange trading as one of the main forms of ensuring competition, increasing transparency and objectivity in pricing, and as a tool for carrying out structural reforms, developing international trade, including within the framework of BRICS and integration processes in the EAEU space.

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