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On April 26, 2021, the FAS Russia imposed on Apple Inc. a turnover fine of RUB 906,299,392.16 (over USD 12 million) for violation of antimonopoly legislation. In August 2020, FAS Russia completed its consideration of the case against Apple Inc., initiated the request of Kaspersky Lab JSC.
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On April 26, the State Administration for Market Regulation of China (the SAMR) announced it had launched an antitrust probe into Meituan, a national operator of food delivery service, for alleged anticompetitive practices, including forcing merchants not to cooperate with its competitive platforms.
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On April 12 China’s financial regulators – People’s Bank, Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission and State Administration of Foreign Exchange – called for another meeting with Ant Group. On behalf of four authorities, the Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China Mr. Pan Gongsheng addressed the media journalists.
The Federal Antimonopoly Service has opened a case against Google, the agency said. "According to the department, the company is abusing its dominant position in the market for video hosting services YouTube. Google's actions lead to sudden blocking and deletion of user accounts," the publication states.
On April 13 the State Administration for Market Regulation (the SAMR) of China together with the Central Cyberspace Administration and the State Taxation Administration organized an administrative guidance meeting for Chinese digital platforms.
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The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) approved, in the judgment session this Wednesday (04/14), the acquisition of all the share capital of Hub Prepaid and subsidiaries (Hub Companies) by Magalu Payments. The Court endorsed the operation, in short, without restrictions.
On April 10 the State Administration for Market Regulation of China imposed 18,2 bil CNY (≈2,78 bil USD) fine on Alibaba Group for abusing its dominant position on Chinese market of online retail platforms. Such decision was made after thorough consideration of nature, degree and period of abuse.
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On Monday, March 29, the US Federal Trade Commission said it would not attempt to challenge last year's decision of the Supreme Court in the case of semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm. Last year, a US appeals court ruled that the corporation did not violate antitrust laws. Yesterday's FTC announcement marks the end of Qualcomm's four-year antitrust case.
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The BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre has become a partner of the UNCTAD-UNECE Regional Dialogue on the Role of Competition Policy in the Economic Recovery of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises after the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The Administrative Council for Economic Defense condemned SKF Brasil, SNR Rolamentos Brasil, for cartel practice in the automotive bearings market at the session on 31st of March. Altogether, the fines determined by the Court reach R $ 88.2 million.
In March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus pandemic, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense quickly mobilized to institute agile and assertive measures to guarantee a safe environment for all municipality employees and employees. A year passed, and during this period, the measures were consolidated, supported in a spirit of collective assistance and support.
Bayer, an agro-technology company, has allocated $ 5 million to finance the plant biotechnology training and research centre, created on the basis of Skoltech. "The funds are intended to provide equipment for laboratories in Skoltech and partner universities, as well as for the implementation of educational programs according to the best world standards," the representatives from Center for Technology Transfer (CTT) of the Higher School of Economics said.
"The director of BRICS Competition Centre was interviewed by the leading Chinese news agency Xinhua.
The amount of the transaction does not require its approval by the antimonopoly authority. But the Federal Antimonopoly Service warns of risks to competition in such pooling of assets.
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Recently, WhatsApp published information about new terms of service and a policy for processing user data, which had to be adopted by February 8, but due to the massive churn of users, the adoption of the new rules was postponed until May 15.
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New Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Online Transactions were presented by the State Administration for Market Regulation of China (the SAMR) on March 15 during the World’s Consumer Rights Day gala, broadcasted by the CCTV. The Measures are dedicated to provide more details on the implementation of China’s E-commerce Law, with the purpose to enforce regulation of internet transactions in order to guarantee legal interests of all parties, to accelerate healthy and sustainable development of digital economy.  
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On the 10th of March, the Superintendency General of the Administrative Council of Economic Defense imposed a preventive measure against the IFOOD food delivery app. The company is now prevented from forming new contracts containing an exclusive agreement clause. IFOOD can also not alter arrangements already concluded without the clause of exclusivity to include the restrictive condition until the final decision on the case.
The simultaneous sessions of China’s two key political bodies – the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress (NPC) – took place last week in Beijing. Two annual sessions are considered the biggest political event as they indicate the government’s future goals and priorities for the entire year. During the meetings, the members of CPPCC consult and advise on the major directions of political activity, after that NPC passes national-level decisions.
The speech took place within the margins of the international online conference DIE JURNADA GLOBALNY DE LES LIBERTIES TECNOLOGICHE: PARA A DIGITAL HUMANISMUS, that was awarded with the medal from the President of the Italian Republic.
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According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Chinese antitrust regulators plan to fine Alibaba the largest amount in China's corporate history. It clarifies that it is likely to exceed $ 975 million, which Qualcomm paid in 2015. Furthermore, the company will be required to abandon the practice of "choose one of two", where the seller is pressured to either sell exclusively through one platform or be banned from it.
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