Bayer has allocated $ 5 million to develop a plant biotechnology centre at Skoltech

has allocated $ 5 million to develop a plant biotechnology centre at Skoltech

Bayer, an agro-technology company, has allocated $ 5 million to finance the plant biotechnology training and research centre, created on the basis of Skoltech. "The funds are intended to provide equipment for laboratories in Skoltech and partner universities, as well as for the implementation of educational programs according to the best world standards," the representatives from Center for Technology Transfer (CTT) of the Higher School of Economics said.

The Plant Biotechnology Center was established in cooperation with leading agricultural universities and research centres in Russia. The centre's educational platform is aimed at the formation of modern competencies in the field of applied accelerated selection; specialists with specialized education and working in the selection field are trained. Since December 2020, the training centre has received 113 applications for participation in educational programs. Fifteen students attended the first set.

"The educational and scientific centre for plant biotechnology, created on the basis of Skoltech, is a critical asset of the technology transfer project. All subsequent stages of technology transfer will revolve around the centre and are organized on the basis of the precedent decision of the FAS Russia to agree on the merger of Bayer and Monsanto. Other elements of the technological transfer are free to transfer to Russian breeders germplasm and molecular breeding agents - together with personnel training, are designed to increase the competitiveness of Russian breeding in the world market," explained Alexey Ivanov, scientific director of the Center for Technology Transfer at the Higher School of Economics, Director of the BRICS Competition Center.