FAS decided on a list of applications for preinstallation under the law on Russian software


According to the press release, The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has prepared a list of applications in preparation for implementing the law on the preinstallation of Russian software.
FAS plans to introduce the new law in several stages. From July 1, 2020, preinstallation of Russian software will become mandatory for smartphones, from 2021 for tablets, from 2022 for computers, and from 2023 for smart-TV.
The new regulations will require smartphones to have an antivirus, navigator, search engine, program for access to public services and payment systems preinstalled. Similar program requirements will be applied to tablets and computers. Furthermore, tablets, computers and smart-TV will need to have audio-visual services preinstalled as well.
According to RBK News report, the FAS will not create a list of applications from specific developers, since this violates the competition law. Gadget manufacturers will choose software based on the requirements. There are three of them: the application must be distributed in the territory of the Russian Federation, the right to it must belong to the Russian citizen, and the developer should not have violated the law on personal data over the past five years.
FAS's Deputy Chief, Anatoly Golomzin has summed up the changes in the following statement - "The widely used domestic software will be installed, ensuring the requirements of equipment safety and consumer data protection.
Software preinstallation will be carried out in accordance with the civil law, complying with the requirements of antitrust laws. Installation conditions for domestic software should be no less favourable than software of the same class of other developers. This ensures equal conditions for competition, and consumers have the opportunity to choose".