FAS Russia supported the X5 Retail Group’s initiative to sell socially important products at supplier's selling price


X5 Retail Group has sent an appeal to the FAS Russia with a request to assess the compliance of the initiative with antitrust law. FAS Russia examined the appeal and came to the conclusion that the X5 Retail Group's actions do not contradict to the provisions of the Law on Trade.

The X5 Retail Group's initiative is aimed at minimizing the negative economic consequences for consumers caused by the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia.

X5 Retail Group’s message said that other business entities, including PJSC ‘Magnit’, could join the initiative. The leaders of the Russian retail market are counting on support from manufacturers and suppliers, whose constructive position will also support socially vulnerable groups of customers. In the opinion of the FAS Russia, this will not lead to a violation of the Law on the Protection of Competition and these are acceptable concerted actions.

Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovsky said that FAS Russia reminded business representatives of the importance of responsible behavior, in particular, of not using the current situation for their own enrichment. In the difficult situation Russian citizens found themselves in connection with the epidemic in, the social responsibility of business is extremely important. FAS hopes that X5 Retail Group initiative will be supported by other retail chains.

It is important to emphasize that earlier, on 19 March 2020, Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovsky, First Deputy Head of Moscow Trade and Services Department – Head of Contractual Service Ivan Zubtsov, and Head of Moscow OFAS Ekaterina Solovyova held talks with representatives of retail chains and producer associations at Moscow OFAS. The parties agreed that it is essential not to increase prices and ensure an optimal supply volumes.