Institute Project on Food Market Regulation Marks Russian Competition Week

Institute Project on Food Market Regulation Marks Russian Competition Week

September 27th saw a joint meeting of the BRICS Working Groups for Research on Competition Issues in the Food Market

The meeting was opened by Deputy Head of FAS Russia Andrey Tsyganov. He recalled that in May 2016, in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, the heads of the competition authorities of the BRICS countries signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of competition policy, under which the parties agreed to establish working groups to conduct studies of the problems of competition regarding socially important markets.

The parties noted the success of the work carried out by the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development. The aim of the project was the formation of the first detailed market analysis from the point of view of antitrust policy in the food market in BRICS countries.

The project team compiled an unprecedented body of information that showed, for instance, that special attention must be paid to the study of the relationship between competition law and intellectual property, as well as the level of concentration that exists in production chains. In addition, suggestions were made for optimising the operation and regulation of the food industry and the structure of food market dynamics of BRICS countries.

A draft report was also presented with an overview of the problematic issues facing competition agencies in the regulation of food markets, as well as analysis of the various factors that contribute to the positive development of competition.

The working group thus approved an overall plan of activities through to the end of 2017. A final report on the joint project will be presented at the next conference of BRICS competition authorities, next year, in Brazil.

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