Russia: Public procurement will move to the online format

Russia: Public procurement will move to the online format

Recent amendments to the law provide for the submission of complaints on public procurement exclusively through the UIS, it is also planned to transfer the entire complaint correspondence to the system.

Roman Semenov, deputy head of the FAS Russia government procurement control department, spoke about innovations in the government procurement system and the unification of law enforcement practice during the session "Government procurement and pandemic" of the conference "Antitrust: New Challenges of the Pandemic".

The optimization package of amendments to the legislation on the contract system was prepared by the FAS Russia together with the Federal Treasury and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The document provides for a reduction in the number of procurement methods, a complete rejection of cyclicality and the introduction of universal prequalification. "There will be no need to re-announce tenders, if no one came to them, the customer will be able to contact the antimonopoly authority to agree on a contract with a single supplier," the speaker said.

In addition, the amendments are aimed at supporting bona fide entrepreneurs. They provide for the introduction of a business reputation rating for entrepreneurs and empowerment of them to appeal a decision of a customer on unilateral termination of a contract.

The bill also provides for the extension of the "consent" introduced in the construction industry to other purchases of works and services, as well as specific features and to the purchase of goods, which will allow avoiding the practice of filling out multi-page applications and exclude artificial reasons for rejecting participants. The start of such auctions is planned to be made two hours after the deadline for filing applications for participation, which will reduce the possibility of collusion at the auction.

Roman Semenov has further explained it by stating that - "Over time, the entire control mechanism will go online: appeal—inclusion in the RNP, approval. Control will be in electronic form. At the first stage, all complaints will be submitted exclusively through the UIS with automatic notification of all interested parties, and then it is planned to transfer all the complaint correspondence to the system".
Concluding his speeches, Roman Semenov noted that the remote mode of handling complaints on procurement through video conferencing is becoming a priority way of holding meetings.