The Justice Department's antitrust division is preparing to tackle price-fixing in the generic-drug industry


In the interview to The Wall Street Journal, Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim said that the Justice Department is preparing to research and investigate the generic drug industry and even go as far as filing cases for allegedly fixing prices. The department has been investigating possible criminal conduct by generic drug companies for years, but there has been little action so far.

One of the most attention-catching cases that have brought closer attention to the industry was the Rising pharmaceuticals case and the allegations against Teva.
Earlier in December 2019, Rising Pharmaceuticals was charged with fixing prices on a hypertension drug, and earlier this year, Teva was widely discussed due to the investigation by 44 states into the companies collaboration aimed at unfairly raising prices for consumers. According to in-Pharma technologist, Teva has reported that the allegations against Teva were such that it has selected a closed group of companies in the market and colluded with them on the price increase. Several government and independent bodies have reacted to the situation by reviewing the market, and now according to Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim's interview in The Wall Street Journal, generic pricing in the US pharmaceutical industry is about to become one of the main areas of antitrust interest in 2020.

It is an exciting development to see at the beginning of 2020 in the pharmaceutical industry, that is often associated with the slow progress of antitrust cases.