Cade institutes Digital Transformation Plan

Cade institutes Digital Transformation Plan
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The president of CADE, Alexandre Barreto, signed at a ceremony held on 3rd of August, the Digital Transformation Plan of the 2020/2021. The document aims to establish guidelines to expand CADE's performance in offering digital solutions for services provided to society, as well as promoting the reduction of infrastructure costs.

In his speech, the president of CADE highlighted the commitment to walk alongside the Ministry of Economy and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic in the modernization agendas of the State. "The reduction of bureaucracy and costs for the administration, as well as the increase in the efficiency of public organizations, is a common objective and I am convinced that these efforts will be very fruitful".

Barreto also praised the spirit of innovation present in CADE's organizational culture, which is reflected in projects and management techniques. He also stressed that user-oriented administration is already a tradition and cited the importance of cooperation agreements signed with entities representing those managed to improve the services offered electronically. "It is a pleasure to realize that these precautions that Cade already took in his projects are now incorporated as premises of the Digital Plan: user orientation and the sharing of data and solutions. Brazil has a lot to gain from this", he said.

Also participating in the online ceremony were the Deputy Secretary of Digital Government of the Secretariat of Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy, Ciro Pitangueira de Avelino, and the Secretary of Modernization of the Federal Administration of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, José Roberto de Moraes RP Fernandes Junior.

Ciro Avelino pointed out that the government's new digital transformation strategy is to offer more straightforward and more citizen-focused service delivery. He pointed out that Cade has been a protagonist in this agenda. "Cade has always been an example in this movement, ever since the focus was on electronic government when we needed to gain efficiency in internal processes," he said.

Secretary José Roberto Fernandes Junior, on the other hand, congratulated CADE for the initiative and said that the signing of the plan reinforces the commitment of the entities to act together to meet the goals and deadlines established for the digital transformation actions of the municipality.

The CADE 2020/2021 Digital Transformation Plan foresees 23 actions distributed in three axes: the transformation of services, interoperability and unification of channels.

In the service transformation axis, initiatives are being developed such as the Click Leniency tool, the electronic issuance of debt settlement certificates and the digital questionnaire for collecting information on the market for analysis of the merger.

On the interoperability axis, public bases for CADE's final processes will be made available for consultation with other bodies. Besides, the municipality will develop tools to obtain databases that are necessary for its performance, such as the B-CPF Platform.

Finally, on the channel unification axis, CADE will develop the integration of the SEI with the Single Login. This action will be shared with more than 360 agencies that use the CES and will bring benefits to millions of citizens. Also on this axis, there will be the migration of CADE's website to the Gov.Br.

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