CADE Launches Results Evaluation Report

CADE Launches Results Evaluation Report
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Document presents an analysis of responses on audits by international antitrust agencies.

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) launched the Results Evaluation Report with the objective of analyzing the responses received after the application of the diagnostic questionnaire on audits in international antitrust agencies. 

The document was organized by the agency's Audit Department, a unit responsible for assisting in the achievement of the agency's mission to ensure a healthy competitive environment in Brazil. To this end, it plans its activities to evaluate the risks relevant to organizational processes, especially those directly related to CADE's strategic objectives. 

Divided into three chapters, the report contains information about the initiative that was part of the first delivery of the project "Establishment of an international network of audits of antitrust agencies", which aims to expand the participation of the audit of the agency in groups, debates and initiatives, especially with international antitrust agencies. 

The survey was applied in 52 countries and provided inputs for CADE to proceed with the project, in order to keep up with the best international practices and establish a network to exchange experiences with foreign audit partners. 

Finally, the report highlights the importance of the application of the questionnaire in contextualizing the structure and functioning of audits, which had the mission of promoting and protecting organizational value through assessment and consulting services, focused on risks and controls relevant to the institutional goals.  



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