CADE Publishes Annual Internal Audit Report

CADE Publishes Annual Internal Audit Report
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Document presents the results of the evaluation and consulting work provided by the antitrust agency's auditors.

On Tuesday (04/19), the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) published the Internal Audit Annual Report (Raint) with information on the results of the performance of the unit that is part of the governance structure of the agency for the year 2021.

The Internal Audit department is part of CADE's organizational structure as a sectional body responsible for assisting the agency in achieving its mission of ensuring a healthy competitive environment in Brazil. To do so, it plans its activities to evaluate the relevant risks to the organizational processes, especially those directly related to CADE's strategic objectives.

Divided into thematic axes, Raint contains information about the execution of the evaluation and consulting work and the improvement of the internal processes and operational flows of CADE's Audit.

The report highlights important points of the Audit in the provision of services, whose goal is to assist the antitrust authority in relevant projects, such as the creation of the Governance index (iGov/CADE), the structuring of the recently created CADE's Internal Affairs Office, the review of the Governance Policy, the second phase of CADE's Integrity Program, among others.

The document also highlights the progress of the Management and Quality Improvement Program (PGQM), which allowed the unit to improve internal flows, implement projects, expand advisory services, and qualify the Annual Internal Audit Planning, increasing the participation of management and managers in the preparation of the tool.

Finally, the report presents the expansion of the Audit's articulation with CADE's main governance bodies, including the Compliance and Risk Management Division (an area of the chain responsible for governance, risks, and compliance), the Specialized Federal Attorney's Office at CADE, and with the Ombudsman's Office. The partnerships made it possible to identify relevant and higher risk information for the planning of its activities and topics that deserve the unit's performance in an advisory role.

Access the Internal Audit Annual Report

Source: CADE


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