CADE remains among the best antitrust agencies in the world

CADE remains among the best antitrust agencies in the world
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Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) received four stars in the ninth consecutive year in the ranking carried out annually by the British magazine Global Competition Review (GCR), which specializes in antitrust policy and regulation. As a result, the municipality remains among the best antitrust authorities in the world.

According to the publication, CADE is one of the leading antitrust agencies in South America. In 2020 it stood out for its performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, marked by the adoption of agile security measures and the continuity of services provided to the market and society.

In this sense, he highlighted that the result related to analyzes of mergers was higher than in previous years. In total, CADE assessed 471 operations in 2020, against 442 in 2019 and 405 in 2018. Regarding investigations into anticompetitive conduct, it pointed out that the autarchy concluded 29 cartel cases last year, 15 more than the one registered in the previous year.

It is noteworthy that, to maintain its institutional mission with the same excellence, CADE innovated services and expanded surveillance to ensure the maintenance of free competition in Brazil in the context of the global health crisis. Among the initiatives, it launched an investigation into anticompetitive practices in the medical-pharmaceutical products sector and changed its internal regulations to allow for virtual judgment sessions to ensure isolation measures and the regular functioning of the autarchy.

With regard to the advocacy function performed by CADE, GCR highlighted the creation of the Coordination of Market Studies and Competition Advocacy, which became part of the structure of the Department of Economic Studies (DEE) of the autarchy, as an important initiative that should strengthen this work front. "This measure will help CADE maintain its solid reputation among local lawyers, who assess the agency's efforts in competition advocacy," said GCR.

GCR is the most recognized international publication in the field of competition defence and follows the work of antitrust agencies around the world.

The ranking promoted by the magazine is based on the performance of antitrust authorities in the year prior to the one in which the evaluation results are released. The rating is given by means of stars, ranging from one to five, and considers the agencies' overall performance in protecting the economy from anticompetitive practices.

The 36 main competition authorities from various jurisdictions were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative criteria in this edition. In addition to hearing the opinion of lawyers and other experts working in the area, GCR applies a questionnaire to antitrust bodies to provide important data for the assessment.

For example, the number of notified mergers and how these operations were analyzed are requested, including the total period until the final decision, details of ongoing investigations and those that have already received a response from the authority, among other information about the work of the agency developed throughout the year.

Source: CADE website


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