CADE Will Evaluate the Incorporation of SulAmérica by Rede D'Or

CADE Will Evaluate the Incorporation of SulAmérica by Rede D'Or
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The Administrative Council for Economic Defense announced that it will analyze the merger of SulAmerica by Rede D'or.

The operation encompasses two recognized companies in the health sector in Brazil, joining a hospital network with wide coverage to an independent health plan operator with a national presence. The public notice for the business was published in the Official Gazette (DOU) on 20th of June.

Rede D'or operates in the health care segment through medical-hospital developments, clinics, laboratories that support diagnostic medicine and blood banks. SulAmérica operates with a focus on the personal protection segment, especially in the health, dental and financial segments (life and personal accident insurance, private pension and asset management).

According to the notification form submitted by the companies to CADE, the merger does not present any competition concerns, since Grupo Rede D'Or currently does not have a minimally significant role in the health insurance operation segment, and Grupo SulAmérica nor does it operate effectively in the hospital segment, which is the focus of Rede D'Or.

Pursuant to legislation, the competitive analysis of mergers must be completed within 240 days. This legal term may be extended by another 90 days, upon a reasoned decision by the Administrative Court of CADE, or by 60 days at the request of the parties' lawyers.

Concentration acts can be classified by CADE as summary, considered simpler from the competition point of view, or ordinary, which require a more in-depth analysis. The appraisal of transactions submitted to the summary procedure must be completed within 30 days, as provided for in Resolution No. 33/2022.


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