China Vows Increased Efforts to Protect IP Rights

China Vows Increased Efforts to Protect IP Rights
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China's top intellectual property regulator said on Wednesday that it will strengthen efforts to curb malicious trademark registration and better protect IP rights by rule of law by optimizing authorization procedures.

According to the spokesperson of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, the authority will increase research to establish rules for digital IP protection and continue to amend a guideline on the implementation of the Patent Law.

A new chapter concerning design applications in the world will be added in the patent-related guideline to align with the international rules, facilitating higher efficiency and quality in the patent review process, said the spokesperson.

Furthermore, the administration has also stepped up efforts to introduce laws and rules on IP protection through popular short-video sharing platforms to enhance public awareness, encouraging its sub-bureaus to help resolve IP-related disputes by mediation.

For example, data released at the news conference showed that from January to October, 16 mediation organizations guided and managed by the Beijing IP Bureau dealt with 11,994 IP-related disputes, of which about 60 percent were successfully solved through mediation.

Source: China Daily

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