Epic Games Alleges Google not Complying with Indian Antitrust Order

Epic Games Alleges Google not Complying with Indian Antitrust Order
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Epic Games is challenging Google in an Indian tribunal for not complying with some portions of an antitrust directive Of Competition Commission of India (CCI).

Epic Games said in its petition that Google had violated the CCI’s orders in the Android case and continued to adopt measures for which it was reprimanded as well as fined by the competition regulator. Specifically, the tech giant is not hosting the gaming company's app store on Google's Play Store app.

Last month, after losing a legal fight with the CCI, Google said it will make changes to its Android business model including stopping its practice of forcing device makers to pre-install a bouquet of Google apps such as YouTube or Chrome.

However, Epic claimed in a filing with an appeals tribunal in New Delhi that Google has not complied with a part of the CCI directive that Google should host third-party app stores on Play Store. Maker of the popular video game "Fortnite", Epic operates its own app store, Epic Games Store, that offers games and other apps for download. The company claims in the filing it is "exploring launching" the Games Store app on Google Play Store and has been "adversely affected" by Google not complying with the CCI order.

A spokesperson for Epic Games said the company supports CCI's efforts to force Google to allow competing third-party app stores on its platform.

Google noted that it has submitted its "compliance plan to the CCI and continues to respectfully follow the legal process in India."

India is not the only country where Google and Apple are embroiled in legal battles over their anticompetitive behavior. Epic Games, on the other hand, has been involved in a number of cases against both Google as well as Apple over their restrictions on the App Store, for charging an exorbitant fee from app developers to allow their apps on the respective app stores. 

Sources: Reuters, Firstpost

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