FAS: for further development of the pharmaceutical market, it is necessary to increase its competitiveness

FAS: for further development of the pharmaceutical market, it is necessary to increase its competitiveness
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Deputy Head of the FAS Russia Timofey Nizhegorodtsev took part in the 6th annual Biotechmed forum, one of the key topics of which was the Strategy for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Market until 2030 (Pharma 2030 Strategy).

According to the representative of the service, in the Pharma 2030 strategy, it is also necessary to work out in detail the regulation of the circulation of drugs after their registration: - "To implement the strategy, it is necessary to have a non-discriminatory presence of Russian medicines in the process of state purchases. Otherwise, it is possible to return to the situation 10 years ago, when the volume of purchases of domestic drugs was relatively small."

Timofey Nizhegorodtsev noted that the National Plan for the Development of Competition, adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation for 2021-2025, plans to take measures to achieve the goals of drug interchangeability in the pharmaceutical market, while it is important to include them in the Pharma 2030 strategy:

"The interchangeability of drugs both under the line "One international nonproprietary name (INN) - several manufacturers" and under the line "Different INNs - one therapeutic goal" is a key factor in the sustainable development of the Russian pharmaceutical market and the achievement of the Pharma 2030 goals". 

Also, according to the FAS Russia, in order to increase competitiveness, it is necessary to provide accelerated access to the Russian pharmaceutical market for innovative drugs, to reconfigure the work on updating the Clinical Guidelines, to harmonize and synchronize as much as possible all regulatory procedures for handling drugs with international standards. For this, Timofey Nizhegorodtsev proposed to create a project committee, which will include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the FAS of Russia.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and drug manufacturers supported the initiatives of the Antimonopoly Service. The proposals voiced by FAS Russia will be considered in detail and included in the Pharma 2030 strategy. 

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