FAS: If the Mechanisms of Self-Regulation of Market Places Will Be Efficient There Will Be no Need for Strict Overwatch

FAS: If the Mechanisms of Self-Regulation of Market Places Will Be Efficient There Will Be no Need for Strict Overwatch
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Otherwise, the service will have to think about state intervention. 

The antimonopoly department receives complaints about marketplaces from both citizens and entrepreneurs. The questions relate to the lack of transparency of work, forced participation in promotions, unilateral changes in contractual terms, commissions, problems with the acceptance, storage, delivery and return of goods, etc. In this regard, the service recommends that marketplaces interact more effectively with their counterparties (suppliers and citizens) in order to promptly resolve issues.

The first steps in this direction are already being taken. Thus, earlier, the minutes of the meeting of the Expert Council under the FAS Russia approved the principles of interaction between participants in digital markets. In February of this year, the service and Internet companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Basic Principles of Good Conduct in Digital Markets. In addition, on June 7th, the largest marketplaces and sellers of goods, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, signed Interaction Standards that specify the general principles for marketplaces.

The implementation of the signed standards and principles into practice will help to avoid most of these problems. The documents provide for the public disclosure of information about services, commissions, packaging requirements, as well as compliance with the terms of the offer and responses to sellers' requests, resolution of disputes by a special commission, and non-discrimination against persons not affiliated with the digital platform.

According to the antimonopoly agency, marketplaces are an efficient, fast and convenient way to get goods on the shelf. They help to expand for the consumer the choice of goods, prices, payment methods, terms and speed of delivery. This is especially true given the exit from the market of certain foreign suppliers, branded goods, as well as the risk of reducing the range and increasing prices. In addition, marketplaces enable small manufacturers and suppliers to address people directly.

The FAS Russia will ensure that the provisions of the offers and working conditions comply with both the principles and standards and are made publicly available to all existing and potential counterparties. If necessary, the service will be involved in solving complex situations that arise in the market in connection with compliance or non-compliance by companies with the principles, and determine the conditions for competition and equal access for companies.

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