FAS: In the digitalising world, conscious consumption should determine the market

FAS: In the digitalising world, conscious consumption should determine the market
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The more literate the consumer, the more favourable the conditions for the formation of a competitive market are.

Experts and regulators agree that digital platforms and ecosystems have become a reality and actively use their resources to shape consumer behaviour.

"What tasks do we set when regulating digital ecosystems? So that the consumer has a choice and the ability to switch. The more literate the consumer is, the more he/she understands his needs, the higher the likelihood that there will be competition. Then the opinion of the consumer will determine the market, and not vice versa,"- this position on ensuring competition in digital markets was announced by the head of the Communications technologies of FAS Russia Elena Zayeva, speaking at the Antimonopoly Forum-2021. The speaker compared the introduction of digital ecosystems to the emergence of multi-product stores in the 19th century, which supplanted "small" businesses and changed the competitive environment.

"Why weren't supermarkets banned then? Because the supermarket is convenient. Digital ecosystems are convenient too. But at the same time, it is important how fair the platform treats its sellers, buyers and how openly it informs consumers about its activities. Our task is to give the consumer an opportunity to choose so that his consumption is conscious," she said.
According to Elena Zayeva, it is worthwhile to think about how to make regulation more flexible in terms of analysis, creation and establishment of rules: "Effective tools for responding to digital realities are a challenge over which antitrust authorities around the world are racking their brains. And one of the main tasks of this regulation is to meet the needs of consumers. "

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