FAS: Prices For a Number of Medicines are Reduced by 30%

FAS: Prices For a Number of Medicines are Reduced by 30%
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Since the beginning of the year, pharmaceutical manufacturers have reduced the cost of 43 drugs.

In accordance with the rules for state registration and re-registration of prices for vital drugs (VED), in some cases, pharmaceutical companies must independently submit applications for their reduction. For example, when a manufacturer, after registering or re-registering the price of a drug in Russia, reduces its cost abroad, or in the event that the first generic drug loses its price advantage after the second and subsequent ones enter the market.

FAS Russia monitors the timeliness of filing the relevant applications from the manufacturers. If this does not happen, the agency issues a notification to the pharmaceutical company about the need to reduce the cost of the drug. The manufacturer has 20 working days to reduce the price or provide written reasoning for the price set. Otherwise, FAS Russia is forced to make a decision to cancel the registered price, after which the sale of the medicinal product is prohibited at all stages of circulation.

This year, as part of the monitoring of prices for medicines, the Antimonopoly Service sent 21 notifications on the reduction of 51 registered maximum selling prices for VED. For example, the cost of the popular drug "Lisinopril" used for arterial hypertension, after lowering the maximum registration price by an average of 37%, decreased in Moscow pharmacies from 196 rubles down to 104 rubles (for the release form 5 mg No. 28) and from 760 rubles down to 495 rubles (for the release form 20 mg No. 56).

FAS Russia continues to monitor the fulfilment by manufacturers of the obligation to reduce the cost of drugs included in the list in these cases.

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