FAS Spoke About Cooperation With the BRICS Countries in 2020-2021

FAS Spoke About Cooperation With the BRICS Countries in 2020-2021
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Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Maxim Shaskolsky spoke about the results of cooperation with colleagues from the BRICS countries over the past two years. He noted that within the framework of the BRICS Working Groups, they concentrated their joint efforts on the socially significant goods and services markets, the FAS press service reports.

In particular, we are talking about the control of practices in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, digital platforms. In 2020, BRICS antitrust authorities adopted a Joint Statement on Consolidating Efforts to Support Competition and Fight the Negative Economic Impact of COVID-19.

In addition, supervisory agencies continue to fight cartels jointly. In 2021, they prepared a significant study of the situation in the automotive market. Work is now underway on the leadership of the BRICS competition authorities to regulate digital markets.

Shaskolsky noted that the antimonopoly services of the BRICS countries inform each other about major transactions that could potentially be important for other countries. They are also expanding cooperation in monitoring the practices of large multinational corporations. Such work is actively underway on the UNCTAD platform within the Working Group on Cross-Border Cartels framework.

Shaskolsky took part in the 7th BRICS Competition Conference, which the PRC organized. Such events are held every two years; the previous conference was held in Moscow.

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