Google Assures Fair Implementation of In-App Payments Policy in India

Google Assures Fair Implementation of In-App Payments Policy in India
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Indian developers can choose from one of three billing options now.

Google has announced that it will take steps to ensure that its Google Play payments policy is applied fairly in India. The company reiterated that it’s respectfully following the October 2022 order of the Competition Commission of India (CCI), and in compliance with that, is expanding its user choice billing to all developers in India.

Google stressed that its payments policy is in compliance with CCI’s order. The company also justified the cut it takes stating in a blog post that the fees it charges developers are 15% or less – the lowest rates of any major app store. Additionally, Google said that this fee is further reduced by 4% if a user pays through an alternative billing system. They also highlighted that only 3 percent of developers in India sell digital goods or services, making them liable to pay a service fee.

Developers can choose from three billing options now: using Google Play’s billing system, offering another billing system along with Google Play’s, or operating without a service fee by letting users access paid content elsewhere. Google says that most developers globally have already opted for one of these options. 

The updated policy went into effect on April 26, 2023. The company indicated that it would notify developers who have not implemented one of the three available billing options, and they would have two weeks to make the necessary changes to comply with the policy requirements.

The company’s statement came in response to an inquiry initiated by the CCI regarding Google’s alleged non-compliance with Play Store’s user choice billing policy.

Last year the CCI imposed a $113 million fine on Google for abusing its dominant position in the Android ecosystem. The Commission demanded that Google allow Android app developers to use third-party payment systems for app and in-app purchases. The order also directed Google to allow users to uninstall first-party apps from their Android devices and to stop imposing exclusivity clauses on device manufacturers.

Source:  The Indian Express

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