Head of FAS of Russia Praises Cooperation between Russia and China in Antimonopoly Sphere

Head of FAS of Russia Praises Cooperation between Russia and China in Antimonopoly Sphere
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Maxim Shaskolsky told about it during the regional seminar-meeting in the Amur Region.

According to the head of the agency, the proximity of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District to China contributes to the development of Russian-Chinese trade and economic relations, and there is significant potential for promoting practical cooperation, including that of competition agencies.

Zhang Yuguang, a representative of the Advertising Regulation Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Regulation of China, also spoke at the event. He noted that in 2024 the countries will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. Now the states attach great importance to developing cooperation with the Russian side in the field of antitrust enforcement, competition policy and advertising regulation. Zhang Yuguang noted that China's competition authority is ready to further enhance the level of cooperation between the antimonopoly authorities of the countries.

The participants of the regional seminar meeting also discussed the issues of control over advertising and unfair competition, increasing the efficiency of antimonopoly authorities through the organization of interdepartmental cooperation and antimonopoly compliance.

The Head of the Service noted that one of the priority tasks of the FAS of Russia remains the development of the transport complex and ensuring transport accessibility of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. In May 2024, the Russian Government approved the Rules of Non-Discriminatory Access to Freight Rail Transportation Services developed by FAS of Russia, which will become effective on September 1.

The document determines the priority of cargo transportation on scarce railway infrastructure and for the first time regulates non-discriminatory access of shippers to the service of cargo transportation by rail under conditions of limited infrastructure. The rules establish priority for cargoes transported for the purpose of solving social problems, as well as for cargoes in domestic traffic - this is especially important for the Far North and Far East regions.

The agency also closely monitors pricing for air travel between the Far Eastern Federal District and other regions of Russia. In order to prevent abuse of dominant position by both airlines and airport operators, 14 popular round-trip routes in the Far East are included in the monitoring of fares for the summer period of this year. The Service does not observe any critical deviations in the average revenue rates for these routes.

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