India launches an antitrust investigation against Google

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India launches an antitrust investigation against Google
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According to Reuters, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has launched an investigation into Google. The supervisory authority believes that the company may have violated the rules of competition in the field of Smart TV. Research shows that about 60% of Smart TVs in India use a Google-created Android app. Google's operating system occupies three-fifths of the Smart TV market in the country, and the American digital giant prevents devices with other software from entering it. This is the third Google antitrust investigation in India.

Earlier, two lawyers filed a complaint against the company, which allegedly abused the position of its Android app in the Indian smart TV market. In their opinion, Google is hindering the development of many digital services in this area. In particular, the company is restricting market access to Amazon Fire TV systems. The information available to CCI, including data obtained from Google, gave rise to an investigation.

Google denies violating antitrust regulations. In its official statement, the company emphasized that its actions in the Smart TV market fully comply with all the requirements of Indian competition law.

The European Commission also announced its investigation against Google. The EU suspects the company is promoting its own online ad developer to the detriment of competitors.

Source: Reuters

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