Pavel Durov Accused Apple of ‘Intentionally Crippling’ Web Apps on iOS

Pavel Durov Accused Apple of ‘Intentionally Crippling’ Web Apps on iOS
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According to the Telegram founder, Apple intentionally restricts web developers and pushes users to download applications from the AppStore, from which the company receives a comission. 

Telegram Web provides an extraordinary experience on desktops, but it also works great on mobile devices. It is prevented, however, from reaching native-app-level quality on iOS, because Apple limits web developers in terms of what they can do on iPhones and iPads, Durov said in his Telegram channel

"Apple may be intentionally crippling its web apps to force its users to download more native apps where Apple is able to charge its 30% commission”, 

said Pavel Durov.

In April, the developer of Telegram Web shared a 10-point list of issues in the iOS Safari browser that Apple has been unwilling to fix or improve for years.

The Telegram founder also drew attention to the UK Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) conclusion that Apple's policy "seriously inhibits the capability of web apps (...), depriving consumers and businesses of the full benefits of this innovative technology".

"It's sad that, more than ten years after Steve Job's death, a company that once revolutionized mobile web turned into its most significant roadblock", 

Durov wrote.

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