Russian FAS imposed fine on Google

Russian FAS imposed fine on Google
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Russian FAS has imposed fine on Google based on paragraph 7 of Article 7 of the Law on Advertising, which forbids the advertising of goods for the production and (or) sale of which a license or other special permits are required, in the absence of such permits.
Per part 7 of Article 38 of the Advertising Law, the advertising distributor is liable for the violation of the requirements established by paragraph 7 of Article 7 of the Federal Law "On Advertising".

In accordance with part 1 of article 14.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, violation by an advertiser, advertising producer or advertising distributor of legislation on advertising shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of two thousand to two thousand five hundred rubles; for officials - from four thousand to twenty thousand rubles; for legal entities - from one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles.

The law prohibits advertising of goods, the production or sale of which requires obtaining a license or other special permits if they are not available.

On January 19, 2021, the FAS Russia imposed an administrative fine of 100 thousand rubles on Google LLC for violating the Law on Advertising.

Earlier, the agency's commission found the company guilty of violating the Advertising Law when advertising Rypex trading limited investment services on

"Since Rypex trading limited did not have permission to conduct financial activities, the advertising in question was deemed inappropriate. As an advertising distributor, Google LLC is responsible for the materials that it places on its platform. Therefore the FAS issued an order to terminate actions that contradict the law," said Andrey Kashevarov, Deputy Head of FAS Russia.

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