Russia's FAS Reported on the Results of Work for 2022

Russia's FAS Reported on the Results of Work for 2022
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Maxim Shaskolsky, Head of FAS Russia, told this during the Final Annual Meeting of the Collegium of FAS Russia on May 17, 2023.

The efforts of FAS Russia in 2022 were aimed at protecting citizens from the actions of unscrupulous market participants, ensuring the availability of goods and services, and supporting Russian enterprises.

One of the main priorities in the work of the authority in 2022 was the satisfaction of domestic demand for socially important goods. For this purpose, the Government of the Russian Federation has legalized the mechanism of parallel import, for the introduction of which FAS Russia has been advocating for many years. It is emphasized that with parallel imports, we are talking exclusively about legally purchased original goods from foreign manufacturers, the quality and safety of which can be checked and confirmed.

For the smooth functioning of the agro-industrial complex, the authority continuously monitors non-discriminatory access to subsidies for agricultural producers. In 2022, 17 cases were considered in the agro-industrial complex market, 70 warnings and admonitions were issued.

Besides, work is underway to provide agricultural producers with mineral fertilizers at affordable prices. At the moment, all major producers of fertilizers have agreed with FAS Russia their trade policies, which determine the acceptable level of prices for fertilizers, the order of their indexing, the percentage of remuneration of distributors. The authority monitors their compliance.

The system of regulation and control of prices for vital and essential medicines continues to improve in the market of medicines: the mechanism of price re-registration has been optimized, changes in exchange rates have been taken into account, and the terms of procedures for identifying risks have been shortened. The procedure for handling and state registration of medical devices in case of a shortage risk has been revised, as well as the possibilities for maintenance of medical devices have been expanded.

As part of the implementation of the new mechanism, from April to December 2022, FAS Russia agreed on the re-registration of 808 maximum selling prices of manufacturers for medicines, which allowed for their further production and supply to the Russian market. Prices are reduced by an average of 30 % for almost half of the drugs from the list.

The authority also continues to participate in the negotiations of the charitable foundation Circle of Kindness in the procurement of orphan medicines and medical devices unregistered in Russia. Due to the assistance of FAS Russia, prices have been reduced by an average of 49 % relative to past deliveries, the estimated savings amounted to at least 10 billion rubles. Work in this direction will be continued.

FAS Russia is improving the regulatory framework for social gasification. Since March 1, 2023, the program has been extended to medical and educational organizations that will be able to connect to gas distribution networks free of cost. In addition, the social gasification program was extended indefinitely – it will enable even more people to carry gas to the sites free of charge.

In 2022, FAS Russia conducted inspections of tariffs established for 42 regulated organizations in 8 regions. According to the results of inspections, more than 3.58 billion rubles of unreasonably pledged funds were excluded from the required gross revenue. The work on monitoring the tariffs setting in the regions of Russia will be continued.

As part of countering cartels, FAS Russia and its regional offices initiated 305 cases in 2022 on agreements restricting competition and coordination of economic activities. 960 resolutions on the imposition of administrative fines totaling more than 5 billion rubles have been issued, of which 1.3 billion rubles have already been received by the budget.

Repair and construction markets, including highways, supplies of medical devices, housing and communal services, as well as real estate sales are still the leaders in the number of violations identified, that require special attention from the antimonopoly authorities.

Head of FAS Russia also noted the work of the authority in the markets of construction materials, financial services, electricity and housing, control of digital platforms, foreign investment and compliance with advertising legislation, work on implementation of the National Competition Development Plan for 2021-2025, international cooperation and legislative activities.

At the end of his speech, Maxim Shaskolsky thanked the staff of the central body and regional offices of FAS Russia for their professionalism, dedication, high results and well-coordinated work in fulfilling the tasks assigned to the authority. Head of FAS Russia noted that the work of the authority is not limited to finding violations and imposing sanctions. FAS Russia is consistently working to improve the effectiveness of control, reduce costs, increase the efficiency of spending budget funds, as well as the formation of uniform law enforcement practice throughout the country and the creation of uniform, transparent and understandable rules of work for all market participants.

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