The fine for Yandex in the antitrust case remains a possibility

The fine for Yandex in the antitrust case remains a possibility
Source: 24.09.2021 88

The fine issued to Yandex by the Federal Antimonopoly Service will have to be paid even in the event of an amicable agreement. According to the department, if the dispute in the Arbitration Court can be settled peacefully, this does not exclude the fact that the search engine will have to fulfil the requirements of the FAS, previously indicated in the warning. The department stressed that the possibility of imposing a fine will remain even if an amicable agreement is concluded.

On Wednesday, representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and Yandex said during a hearing in the Moscow Arbitration Court that they could settle the dispute peacefully. The FAS and the search engine asked the court to give them a time limit to settle mutual claims. As a result, the meeting was postponed for more than two months - until November 24.

At the beginning of the year, services IVI, Avito, CIAN,,,, 2GIS, Zoon accused Yandex of abusing their position. In April, the FAS initiated an antitrust case against the search engine, and Yandex considered the agency's actions unreasonable.



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